screen printing op large size

That’s right, sometimes size matters! If there’s one thing Artisan Printing Service is good at, it is producing large size prints. With our unique large size screen printing machine, we can print short as well as large runs.

sizes and shapes

With our large size screen printing machine we can print on, for example, PMMA or polycarbonate sheet material used in agricultural machinery and governmental armoured vehicles. This is a unique service, attracting people from all over Europe and beyond to Valkenswaard.

We are now able to apply a print in one printing run, with a maximum size of 250 cm x 150 cm. Subsequently, we can repeatedly print the pattern or logo with a maximum product size of 300 cm x 250 cm. The material is even allowed a thickness of up to 4 cm.


As we strive to offer the highest quality, our large size screen printing machine is installed in a cleanroom of no less than 400 square meters. This way we can meet all demands of, for example, the automotive.

examples of items we print on

  • PMMA-sheets
  • Noise barriers
  • Windows for forestry machinery
  • Plastic car windows
  • Polycarbonate sheet material
  • Panels for hospital cribs
  • Windows for helicopters (PAL-V)


at artisan printing service we consider large size screen printing a personal challenge!

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